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One Child Born

A Rwandan Tutsi farmer's third child is coming. As he waits on his front porch for the midwife to do her work, his oldest son arrives home with the news that a Hutu mob is also coming.

Written by: Stuart Creque     [Contact Author]    Interviews
Format: Short Screenplay
Budget: Micro
Starring Roles For: Jada Pinkett Smith
Will Smith
Jaden Smith
In the Vein Of: Hotel Rwanda
The Diary of Anne Frank
Life is Beautiful
Posted: 08/08/2010
Updated: 06/29/2017
Author Bio: Contact Information:

116 Donald Drive Moraga, CA 94556 (USA) Phone: (510) 377-4658 Email: screque@sbcglobal.net

Writing Experience:

Produced credits:

AUTONOMY [short, 2007, Silver Penny Productions]: Tina is coming home from the women's clinic, and Jimmy is packing to leave. Can they find a way to get past her abortion and stay together?

Feature script credits include award-winning screenplays in several genres:

TIME AND AGAIN [Winner, Fantastic Planet Sci-Fi Festival Feature Screenplay 2009; Winner, Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay, The Indie Gathering 2006]: To salvage her political career and hang onto her daughter, an ambitious politician persuades a scientist to let her use his time-bending invention to spy on her enemies' past deeds -- but neither the politician nor the scientist understand the experiment's terrible dangers.

FIRERIDER [Best Original Screenplay, 2006 Gloria Film Festival Screenplay Competition]: To enable her old friend Will to help her protect a legendary kingdom from a band of modern mercenaries, Zu turns him back into a little boy, but she has to promise to bring him home every night to look after his kids and his Alzheimer's-afflicted mother. He forgets to make her promise to turn him back into an adult first....

UNHAPPY ENDINGS [2nd Place, 2006 Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition]: Ten corpses tell their morgue attendant how they met their UNHAPPY ENDINGS. Theres the naughty little girl (and the pervert, and Daddy)... the dumb frat boys... the henpecked husband and his bitch of a wife... the CEO and the Ferrari salesman... the street thug who thought he was tough....

JUST LISTED [Best Screenplay, 2007 Bare Bones Independent Film Festival; Best Horror Screenplay, 2007 The Indie Gathering]: The real estate agent wonders why the young couple insisted on seeing the new listing after nightfall  and how they know all about the horrific deaths that happened there.

THERE IS A SEASON [Best Screenplay, Cinema City International Film Festival 2007; Official selection, Screenplay Competition, Beverly Hills Film Festival 2006]: If God wanted to make peace in the Middle East, how would He do it? A modern fable about two families  one Israeli, one Palestinian  and their struggle to escape the cycle of violence.

THE BALLAD OF TOM DOOLEY [Official Selection, 2007 Twin Rivers Media Festival]: Behind the folk song is a true-life mystery that pits lust and murder against honor and love in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Just back from the Civil War, young Tom Dula was hung for a girls murder  but who really killed Laurie Foster?

DOC [Official Selection, 2007 Sweet Auburn Film Festival Screenplay Competition]: A young African-American woman enrolls in medical school to find that her dissection cadaver is the homeless man to whom she used to bring coffee  and who has a mysterious connection to her father and grandfather.

Contest Results: DC Shorts (First Place) [2016]
NYC Midnight (First Place) [2008]
SoCal International (First Place) [2009]
Gimme Credit (Second Place) [2009]