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The Deadly Sins of Farmakeia

Personal Message: This script (along with its excellent plot and level of character suspense) is unique in that it touches on some of the most dreaded fears of mankind. Per the original rough draft, a glimpse into the darkness of the human character is brought to light via the story's portrayal of one of the most taboo actions of all time. The story itself is relevant in that if you play with fire, as so many unwittingly and incautiously do, you will get burned. Logline: In order to find out the truth about her brother's disappearance, Devon and her son, Billy, move back to her childhood home. Only then do they uncover the deadly results of what can occur from willful interaction with demonic entities, the fate of her brother due to his involvement with the occult and the danger of their own souls should they choose to stay. 'For a viewing of the proposed script and its award winning visual pitch/movie trailer (made possible via http://www.pitchq.com/?pitch/&6016), log onto http://stephaniecj4.tripod.com/horrorscriptvideo.html.' Additionally, should you find this script of interest but have changes to suggest in the way of a rewrite (in order to revise the current script structure and format), please do not hesitate to contact me and I will promptly comply.'

Written by: Stephanie Sharp    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Micro
Starring Roles For: A younger Kate Hudson
12-year-old Boy
a young Colin Farrell type
In the Vein Of: A Haunting in Connecticut
13 Ghosts
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Posted: 05/28/2011
Updated: 07/18/2017
Author Bio:
Synopsis: Devon (soon to be a single mom and no stranger to trauma) is going through a divorce after the mysterious disappearance of her younger brother. She inevitably learns that her father has just passed away due to a sudden heart-attack (having had no prior medical conditions) within just months of the death of her mother. Coincidentally, Devon inherits the house and decides (since she and her son, Billy, have nowhere else to go) to return to her childhood home.

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