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High School Redemption

High School Redemption (WGA Reg): In exchange for a devastating sacrifice, an abusive alcoholic (killing his wife in a drunk-driving accident) receives a 'divine' offer to relive his high school days in order to bring her back. **Official 'Best Scene Table Read'- http://wildsoundfestivalreview.com/2014/12/15/best-scene-reading-drunk-driving-scene-from-the-script-high-school-redemption/

Written by: Stephanie Sharp     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Micro
Starring Roles For: a young sean penn type
A young Alicia Silverstone
a young Colin Farrell type
In the Vein Of: Back To The Future
Mr. Destiny
Peggy Sue Got Married
Posted: 01/31/2013
Updated: 10/17/2017
Author Bio: Looking for something fresh and new with 'franchise' ability? Perhaps something outside of the normal realm of Hollywood? For a glimpse into one of the most potentially sought after 'Coming of Age' films of all time, log onto http://boostyourfilm.com/yourfilm/high-school-redemption/ for a first-hand view of the 5-star rated script (via the masses), 'High School Redemption'. The film conversion of this script would be that of 'epic' proportion as it portrays a renewing of the human spirit with jaw-dropping effects. As most of us know, the beautiful Archangel 'Gabriel' serves as a messenger from God to certain people, delivering explanations of dreams and visions to those he visits. Per this 'faith-inspiring' film, in order for Daniel (an abusive alcoholic) to learn his 'eternal' fate after killing his wife by DUI, he must first realize the ultimate sacrifice HE would have to make in order for God to even consider his 'plea-bargain'. Daniel eventually realizes that in order to bring his wife back from the dead, HE would have to 'sacrifice' something even greater than himself. WILL God accept Daniel's 'plea-bargain' in exchange for a devastating sacrifice? Perhaps only 'time' will tell.

Contact: stephaniecj2@juno.com Professional Bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanie-kay-sharp-92b22a1a/ Script (ie Film) Marketing: http://boostyourfilm.com/yourfilm/high-school-redemption/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/StephKSharp

Official Script Reviews: (#HighschoolRedemptionMovie)

"This is one of the better single-location scripts I've seen, and I wouldn't be surprised if it actually got made somewhere down the road." -- Lynne Pembroke Professional Screenplay Coverage (Coverscript.com)

"I think this story is an excellent idea. I particularly liked 'Love and Let Die' as a recurring theme. The idea of emotional sacrifice for others is very profound and important for everyone to learn, especially the young. I would love to see this play." -- The Talentville Town Council

"This was a great story of sacrifice and redemption." -- (****-5 Star Rating) Jonathan McCorvey (Screenwriter)

"The possible making of a strong film." -- LS (Critique Section of Writer's Literary Services) "A good marketable story line." -- Sam Sherman (Script Editor) "A script that is fittingly concise, ensuring that it is a fast read with a great surprising (yet unexpected ending) and that explores big themes meant for movies with fascinating 'what if' questions." -- 2014 Sunscreen Film Festival Coverage "High School Redemption resonates well with me. I, myself, am seeking to wow the world with something unusual but that would stimulate the intellect and stir emotions. Something to provoke positive discussion that will bring about a change. We are in need of a good story. I have a story I am working on that touches on the subjects of Life; commitment and duty to family; love, lust and romance; death and the afterlife; angels and the mystery of the supernatural. Finally where is the place of God in all these? Your story High School Redemption, seems to have hinted on all these elements plus, your body of work points in that direction. I will be happy to work with you on your script/story. But because you already have set characters and situations which may require me to adapt into my universe and sometimes context, this may require a significant change in your script structure as it is at the moment, so I was thinking more of developing a script together with you. God bless." -- Mak 'Kusare (Independent African Filmmaker)

"It's great work and I feel you will do great with the script at some point."-- Jonathan Skye-O'Brien (Actor/Producer-http://jonathanskyeobrien.weebly.com/)