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Mosquito Road

Six friends, enjoying a week of partying at a remote cabin, decide to head home when news breaks of a killer on the loose, only miles away from their cabin. In a rush to get home, they take a short cut down Mosquito Road, and encounter the ruthless killer - and what began as a weekend of fun and games turns to horror - and vengeance!

Written by: Patrick Rodio    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Micro
Starring Roles For: a young Colin Farrell type
AnnaSophia Robb
Chloe Grace-Moretz
In the Vein Of: Halloween
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Posted: 07/22/2013
Updated: 07/06/2017
Author Bio:
Author of numerous award-winning feature-length screenplays, including:

The Accidents - Quarterfinalist 2013 Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship

Union - Quarterfinalist 2010 Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship

Cricket Hill - Finalist (Top 3) Austin Screenplay Competition Also: The Money Shot, Good People, Headshot, The Stand In, A Couple Of Joes, Laid, Surviving Edwards Avenue, Zucker, Deacon Street, Shuttlecock, and Zombie, NJ Also self-financed (as well as wrote/directed/produced) 3 feature films (Stain, Better Days, and West River Drive) and 5 shorts (The Disintegration of a Boy Band, The Family Dog, N2, The Reappearance Of Homer Pitts, and Short).

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Contest Results:
Horror Screenplay (First Place)
Writers On The Storm (Finalist)
Garden State (Second Place)
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