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With nothing but her wits as a weapon, a Young Maya woman travels three continents to free her folks of the iron grip of the coffee dealers

Written by: Lolita Fortuin     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Big
Starring Roles For: A young Maya woman
woman Latin lecturer
Man consultant
In the Vein Of: research based
inspired by true events
the Life of Pi
Posted: 01/21/2014
Updated: 03/03/2018
Author Bio: CREDITS AND AWARDS: My script A FATAL CURE won silver at the International Independent Film Awards 2017 OTHER SCRIPTS: HANG ON: Math tests turn three ten year old girls’ friendship into hatred. Can the teacher give them their childhood back? First draft. LOVE IT OR LUMP IT: When authorities enforce nursery teachers and children alike to be standardized, one of them breaks loose. First draft.

LANGUAGES: English, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, German, French.

EDUCATION: A levels taken in Holland in 1959. Mag. Scient. Soc. = MA of Sociology 1975. Copenhagen University. Courses at final levels at Copenhagen Business School 1990-92. Screenwriting courses, workshops etc. since 2000.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: As a sociologist (’75-2001) I wrote a good number of texts: research and project reports, articles, surveys, etc. As a lecturer (same period) I got rich experience with several teaching and guiding methods. As an equal opportunity consultant (’82-86) I initiated and ran several projects. Two projects were shorts, see below. As a semi professional photographer I had a one-man exhibition of portraits in Odense, Denmark, 1985.

FILMS PRODUCED: 2 Shorts Det er aldrig for sent (It is never too late). Documentary over a week’s tutoring, motivating unskilled, unemployed women to start an education; Copenhagen Job Centre. I was the initiator, tutor, organiser, producer and editor. Video ’83.

For fulde gardiner (at full blast). A featured documentary with a group of women engineers playing themselves, featuring a women engineers workday. The Danish Directorate of Employment ‘86. Video with English subtitles. I was producer and actor. Both were distributed by the Directorate of Employment.

Contest Results: International Independent (First Place, GOLD) [2017]
Canada Fest (First Place) [2015]
Oaxaca FilmFest (Finalist, official selection) [2014]
L.A. Femme (Honorable Mention, official selection) [2013]