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Early Release (produced)

During a routine assessment a psychologist puts a loaded gun between herself and a convicted serial killer. Teaser https://vimeo.com/120962644

Written by: Stephen M. Hunt    

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Format: Short Screenplay
Budget: Micro
Posted: 09/21/2014
Updated: 05/29/2017
Author Bio:
Since 2014, sixteen of my scripts (feature and short) have between them clocked up 86 screenplay competition wins, 45 of these being 1st place wins. I have a boutique consulting service called "How to Win Short Screenplay Contests" (see www.stephenmhunt.net).

The subject of my directorial debut was my multi-award winning short screenplay "Believers". This was shot in October 2016 on location at West Cork, Ireland. It has kicked off its film festival adventure in 2017 with 3 "Best 1st Time Director" awards, 7 other awards and chalked up 5 additional nominations.

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Contest Results:
The Monthly Film Fest (TMFF) (First Place, category win) [2016]
iHolly (First Place, category win) [2016]
SENE Film Festival (First Place) [2015]
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