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A Crash of Rhino

Our female heroine, Danielle Church ( Danny) attempts to put a stop to carnage of anarchy in this original action packed drama based on bribery, corruption,  & deceit, surrounding the ongoing fight against Rhino poaching & horn smuggling from a water prison, and an experimental tornado wall project off the coast of South Africa,  bringing us a good dose of a triple take of redemption.

Written by: Glenda Victor & Gregg Shumann     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
Posted: 11/06/2014
Updated: 11/05/2017
Author Bio: Proudly South African. Script was written by myself on request by Gregg Shumann, Actor, Producer from Naples, Florida, USALadies and Gentleman of Stage 32 and any Social Network Platform. We need Your help. My name is Gregg Shumann and I am a proud member of Stage 32 and four months ago I met a wonderful Soul, Writer and Humanitarian who is also an honored member of 32 community, Glenda Victor. We met by accident at the corner of Dreams Do Come True and Perseverance Avenue. I had an Idea for a film on a topic that has troubled me for years. The senseless butchering of one of the Earths rare species. The Rhino. If you have ever had the chance to stand near one, safely, you would understand how beautiful and dynamic they really are. I have, so has Glenda, hence the reason we collaborated on this project. "A Crash of Rhino." I will not waste your time on plot or Bio's on either of us. I will get to the point, which is: Miss Victor submitted the premise to AMAZON STUDIOS and at present A Crash of Rhino is in the top 100 at number 17 out of 12,800 scripts. Yes, good for us, better yet, great for the Rhino life span. Our dream is to not only assist in eliminating this senseless slaughter but to also Utilize this film as an entire STAGE 32 PRODUCTION. Meaning, use ONLY people from STAGE 32 Talent Pool from beginning to end, proving we really, truly are a Community of artist and visionaries that want to improve, change, give hope and yes, entertain, by banding together. I appreciate your time and great attention to this serious matter. Extinction means gone FOREVER! 


Gregg Shumann and Glenda Victor