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The Teenage Bodyguard - TrueCrime/Biopic

A uniquely accomplished teen stands between murder witness & the Tacoma Mafia seeking her over a week of fun, frolic and death in 1974. Tag: Sex, drugs & rock-n-roll meet sex, guns & mayhem. For more:

Written by: JZ Murdock    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
Starring Roles For: Ty Simpkins
Nina Dobrev
Matt Kane
In the Vein Of: A Place Beyond the Pines
Mean Streets
Posted: 01/14/2015
Updated: 01/04/2020
Author Bio:
Industry insiders who read The Teenage Bodyguard, really like it. This story has never been told through this mafia family were highly documented and reported on by the media in an untapped era and location. They were so deep into police and officials that it required restructuring the Pierce County Washington government.

Accolades: Bluecat Screenplay: "Overall, The Teenage Bodyguard is one heck of a life story that I'm surprised isn't on the big screens already.

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