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Red Crucible

A Polish Jewish communist escapes the clutches of the invading Nazis only to be enslaved in the gulag of the USSR.

Written by: Ira Altman     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: A young Warren Beatty
Angelina Jolie (love interest)
11 year old boy
In the Vein Of: Unbroken

Posted: 02/09/2015
Updated: 01/06/2018
Author Bio: Ira Altman


Archive # 5680 Red Crucible Reader # 8047 for Blue Cat screenplay competition.

I love this writer’s knowledge of the time period about which he writes. Beautifully described ‘small’ moments (one that comes to mind: in the impoverished two-room flat, Lev rises, places his quilt over Hendl and her two children…) as well as effectively illustrated ‘big’ moments (for example, one can practically FEEL the slipping and sliding as the sleigh overturns on page 77) show us what life was like in this time of upheaval.

As one reads, one can see the color palette, the dim lighting, hear the accents and see the glimpses of light among the darkness. This writer really portrays the stoic insistence of these characters that there be strength and joy among the chaos. The moment on page 72 when Howie looks at his grandfather with admiration, as if seeing him for the first time, is a strong one. The real gift is the new found connection to his own history, which Hershl sees that he has given him. There is a poetry to this writer’s style that makes the script a pleasure to read.

Congrats Ira on your success [Finalist in the Creative World Awards screenplay competition]and the rewrite. Every rewrite is certainly a brave act. I will definitely peruse it when I have a chance. I totally understand the episode issue and I gather you are very pleased with the work you've done. You are a natural story teller so I get that you see what works and what doesn't. I know a second eye (or is it a third! : )) helps a lot . . . Allan Aaron Katz, Scriptwriter - Diamonds (1999) - Starring Kirk Douglas, Dan Aykroyd, Lauren Bacall... Filmography: Tales from the Crypt, The Outer Limits, Bordello of Blood, Children of the Corn II, Freddy's Nightmares.

Ira- We liked your story. This is something that we would love to do. However, since we are a fairly new non-profit teaching project we do not feel this is one to start out with. We also feel we could not do it justice within our budgetary constraints.

This is not to say we will not do it, but if you have an opportunity to get it filmed within the next 2-3 years, then please do so.

Thank you again for submitting it.

Yours, Tom Sowel Tallcastle

“Red Crucible” is a moving story of a young Jewish man in Eastern Europe whose life is thrown into turmoil during the turbulent years leading up to and encompassing the Second World War. The story highlights a conflicted world for the protagonist, a world that contains economic hardship, anti-Semitism, an unstable family life, and the inescapable cruelties of the times, that the protagonist seeks to survive and, ultimately, makes his way to America. This is a tale that holds promise for providing greater insights into life during these times. Through detailed dialogue and narrative passages, we are given a first-hand glimpse of the difficulties the protagonist faces from his very early years. Abandoned multiple times by his father, he is forced to make his own way. He is faced with haphazard care by family members whose own hardships make them provide for him, begrudgingly out of a sense of obligation.

He suffers the harshness of life in an orphanage, and the brutality of confinement by authorities. Ultimately, his life makes a drastic turn as he is among those liberated by American forces at the end of the war. His hope surges and his faith in mankind appear to re-emerge as he sails into New York Harbor. The voice over dialogue that is provided by Hershl is lovely and poetic evoking an emotional response. It plays to some of the internal struggles, concerns, and conflicts of the character and the times. We hear from his own voice his struggles. Visuals such as Hershl’s “teeth chattering ” and frostbitten feet also tug at the emotional heart. Later visuals (page 75) such as: “Suddenly, clouds of mosquitoes attack. They run from spot to spot and look like black ghosts dancing in the gloomy night,” provide for haunting and eerie images. There is plenty of authentic history, rich with great detail. The passion of the story is heard. We have no doubt, here is a story that will prove to be touching and heartfelt for all.

DTF Reader for Afilmwriter.com Screenwriting Contest

Hey Ira, Thank you so much for your submission. Your screenplay sounds intriguing and something along the lines of what we are looking for ... Personally, this is a story that I would love to see produced...Please keep pushing to get this screenplay filmed. I genuinely think that it has potential. I would love to watch it in the cinema some day.

Daniel Botha Script Analyst Chaosscripts

Dear I.Altman, We are pleased to accept the first 10 pages of your screenplay, "Red Crucible," for publication in the Spring 2013 Issue of Viral Cat. Thanks for submitting!

Tiffany Slotwinski Editor in Chief, Viral Cat www.viralcat.com

Man, that sounds like a gut wrenching tale. Best of luck with it and your logline and brief synopsis are good. -Phillip Hardy

We are interested in producing your script, it will take 6 months before we put it in production. Congratulations! -Anthony Wei 7 Productions Anthony Wei Films (author did not accept offer).

I very much enjoyed your story. It was very well written and was a joy to read. It kept me interested, and led me on, page after page. -WDB - Literary Movies

This sounds like an amazing story... -Susan Johnston -Founder/Director, New Media Film Festival -President, Select Services Films, Inc. -Casting Director, Susan Johnston Casting Award Winning Producer www.SelectServicesFIlms.com Prior to LA, 5 years with Providence and Rhode Island Film Commissions. Professor Emeritus New Media Judge Daytime Emmys Judge New Media Institute Judge Machinima Legend Series on Machinima in Second Life Speaker on New Media, Social Media and Incremental Monetization in the Digital Space

Ira, Your summary has intrigued me and I would love to read the whole script and see if it is something that my group can do - Matthew Mangum, Keepers Universe

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