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Stalked by a masked killer, an uninspired photographer is drawn into a deadly creative collaboration that blurs the lines between beauty and violence. What follows will test his sanity as well as his dedication to his craft.

Written by: Nadia Robertson     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Posted: 02/09/2015
Updated: 06/07/2018
Author Bio: 1931 Productions, co-founded by husband and wife duo Ben and Nadia Robertson, is an Atlanta based film production company with the mindset of creating cinematic, stylish and memorable films regardless of budget. 1931 Productions offers unique & compelling screenplays for sale, as well as produces atmospheric short and feature films written and directed by The Robertsons. With new scripts and projects on the horizon, 1931 Productions anticipates a rewarding year following the successes of their first feature screenplay, VOYEUR. Recently the script placed as Finalist for the January 2015 LA Screenwriter Logline Competition, Quarter Finalist CWA '15, Quarter-finalist in the 2014 ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Screenplay contest, Quarter-finalist in the 2013 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards as well as receiving positive feedback from the BlueCat Screenplay Competition and various other production companies and executives. With each successive project we are looking to grow and create new and original content that will entertain and innovate.

1931 Productions www.1931Productions.com https://vimeo.com/1931productions https://twitter.com/1931Productions 1931productions@gmail.com


THE KILLER, hidden behind a red skull mask, waits in a trailer deep within the woods, planning an art project unlike anything anyone has ever seen. He heads to a gas station where he murders the attendant and two bystanders. Disappointed with having to leave his “masterpiece” behind, The Killer notices a newspaper ad for a photography show and conceives a plan to capture his artwork.

WILLIAM MARTZ is a down on his luck photographer having a show for his latest lackluster series. The Killer is in attendance and observes Will and his pictures. Afterwards, The Killer stalks a young woman before violently murdering her. Again he laments that his vision cannot be captured for the world to see.

PAMELA, Will’s intimate lady friend, grows tired of him whining about his uninspired work. Trying to take his mind off his troubles, Will goes drinking with his best friend, BLAKE. All the while, The Killer follows him closely. Will’s artistic aspirations seem fading until he receives a phone call from The Killer, who reveals his mission to expose life’s violent reality by brutally killing people. Believing death unites us all, The Killer needs photos of his work and believes that Will has the skill for the job.

Blake tries to convince Will that he is likely just a victim of a prank caller. The two have a fun night out and return to Blake’s place to crash, but The Killer calls to assure that his offer must be taken seriously, telling Will when and where to be for their photo session. To prove himself, The Killer murders a family in Blake’s apartment building. Will calls the police, but fear keeps him from telling the truth. He becomes furious with Blake for telling authorities about the “prank call” which could possibly link him to the crime. Will meets The Killer and takes pictures of a grisly murder. He sees The Killer is right; the photographs are beautiful.

Trying to take action, Will threatens to destroy the pictures and buys a gun. The Killer calls with the news that he has killed Blake and Pamela as a response to Will’s defiance. Will agrees to go all the way with the project, suggesting they shoot The Killer’s hideout. Reluctantly, The Killer agrees to take him there. With The Killer distracted, Will pulls his gun, but misses the mark. The Killer beats Will nearly to death. In a last ditch effort, Will stabs The Killer in the throat, fatally wounding him. He destroys the body, the trailer and steals The Killer’s truck.

Police question Will about Blake and Pamela; the conversation is tense but there is no incriminating evidence and the deaths are ruled an accident. Some time later, Will is now the subject of much acclaim; not realizing the true origin of the pictures, critics give his work the highest praise. He decides to kill a hired model during his next session in hopes of maintaining the quality of his previous work. Will disposes of the body and goes back to his life as a high profile artist, the kind of life of which he’s always dreamed.

Contest Results: L.A. Screenwriter Logline (Finalist, http://la-screenwriter.com/201) [2015]
PAGE International (Quarterfinalist) [2013]
Screencraft Action Thriller (Quarterfinalist) [2014]
Creative World (Quarterfinalist) [2015]