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Redneck Ronin

Bound by an ancient code of honor, a masterless modern day samurai returns home to the Heart of Dixie in order to confront a legacy of crime and corruption for which he is responsible. What lies ahead is a quest for justice, redemption, and enlightenment as one man dares to walk the warrior's path.

Written by: Ben Robertson     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Posted: 02/09/2015
Updated: 06/07/2018
Author Bio: 1931 Productions, co-founded by husband and wife duo Ben and Nadia Robertson, is an Atlanta based film production company with the mindset of creating cinematic, stylish and memorable films regardless of budget. 1931 Productions offers unique & compelling screenplays for sale, as well as produces atmospheric short and feature films written and directed by The Robertsons. With new scripts and projects on the horizon, 1931 Productions anticipates a rewarding year following the successes of their first feature screenplay, VOYEUR. With each successive project we are looking to grow and create new and original content that will entertain and innovate.

1931 Productions


Inspired by the Japanese swordplay films of the 1960's like YOJIMBO and the Zatoichi series, REDNECK RONIN explores the value of honor and accountability in a decaying world. Randy Jo, a master less warrior living by the samurai code, seeks to atone for his sins and learns that absolution is something that must be earned.

RANDY JOH, a reformed gangster turned student of Bushido, returns to his hometown in the Deep South, hoping to make amends for past wrongdoings. Upon his arrival, he meets a local man, RICK, and his son BYRON. Rick tells him the town is plagued by corruption, and the man responsible is Sheriff JAMES ABERNATHY. Randy Joh explains that his moral code relies on strict principles meant to uphold the preservation of honor. Believing he must end the crime he once contributed to, Randy Joh confronts James at his home. The endeavor ends in violent bloodshed and ultimately James’s death.

In the chaos, Randy Joh finds his sister-in-law AMY and the two escape, but not before destroying James’s drug lab. Randy Joh takes Amy home to his estranged brother DAN. He discovers Amy stayed with James in hopes of absolving Dan’s debt with local crime bosses, the HOGUE family. With James gone, the Hogues will be coming to get their money. Amy blames Randy Joh and Dan for the violence in the community, and Randy Joh knows he must secure the house and protect his family.

The Hogues come as expected and Randy Joh tries to intercept them, but they severely injure Dan with a shotgun blast to the leg. Randy Joh takes down one Hogue brother and then offers a truce: The drug lord-sheriff is dead and the Hogues can make a move on his business. The Hogues are hesitant because they fear James’s boss, the town preacher, DARYL; Randy Joh assures the brothers he will take the blame. They accept the terms and leave. That night, when Randy Joh is attacked by some of Daryl’s thugs, he is able to fend them off but knows there is more to come. He sends Amy and Dan on their way to a safer place.

Wandering down a path, Randy Joh meets an old, BLIND RONIN who leads him to a building that holds a bizarre netherworld within. There, THE ONI is waiting, and teaches him the ways of the warrior through a series of intense trials. After passing the Oni’s tests, Randy Joh comes across his idol, MUSASHI MIYAMOTO. The two talk a while before parting ways, knowing they will meet again.

Daryl and his group come for Randy Joh, who is able to escape to Rick’s house. Daryl soon finds them and kills Rick. Although Randy Joh is brutally beaten, he manages to cut off Daryl’s hand and defeat the rest of his attackers. Byron is able to escape during the commotion.

Daryl hides at his home, protected by more thugs and his trophy wife, CINDY. Randy Joh gathers his strength and returns to end things. He kills Cindy and Daryl, but not before being fatally shot. As Randy Joh fades away, the Oni appears to assist him in the final act of samurai suicide. The Oni beheads him as Randy Joh drives a sword into his own gut.

In the netherworld, Randy Joh walks side by side with Musashi Miyamoto. The two warriors share stories as they travel a long path into the distance.