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Pens & Arrows

A highly successful, veteran writer, impeded with writer’s block, is paired via her well-intentioned agent with a talented newbie. What starts as collaboration, turns sinister when the two begin a violent affair, which unearths deep-buried secrets from both their pasts.

Written by: Karen Willoughby    

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Format: Screenplay
Posted: 02/20/2015
Updated: 07/08/2018
Author Bio:
BlueCat Review: Mary is an exceptionally complex and emotionally engaging character. She’s so fascinating and enjoyable to read because of her multiple dimensions. She can be cold yet sympathetic at different times. Bas starts off with a lot to lose, which makes him sympathetic in the beginning of the story. He’s in way over his head, making him a sort of “every man” in a “fish out of water” setting. The pacing is strong. There’s never a dull moment and the story moves quickly and effortlessly from beginning to end.

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