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The Viking Leif Eriksson, who, to prove himself to his legendary father Erik the Red, embarks on a dangerous voyage to find new lands and inadvertently discovers America. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

Written by: Matthew Tolbert     [Contact Author]    Interview
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
Starring Roles For: Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal
Russell Crowe
Angelina Jolie type
In the Vein Of: Vikings
The Revanent
Posted: 02/21/2015
Updated: 11/11/2018
Author Bio: Samples available on

“The Starter Marriage” rom com screenplay: Nicholl- top 15% Page- 2nd round Screenplay Festival- Semifinalist Screenplay Expo- Semifinalist Script Vamp- Honorable Mention Winner in Comedy and Romance genre categories; Creative World Awards Comedy finalist

“Tin Gods” science fiction screenplay Austin- 2nd round Page- 2nd round Screenplay Festival- finalist Blue Cat's Movie Title Contest – finalist Tracking B - Semifinalist

“Man(ny) Versus Machine” comedy screenplay: Screenplay Festival- Semifinalist

"A Fading Finish Line" dramedy screenplay Nicholl- top 20% Story Pros- Semifinalist

"Third Fiddle" faith-based short

Two syndicated comic strips: “Miss Adventures in Dating,” (for 2 years) “Everybody’s Business” (for 16 years).

Comic books for Marvel, Malibu, Valiant, New Visions, and Power Station. Including graphic novel: “Read My Lips: The Unofficial Biography of George Bush.”

Short stories published: “Puppy Pushers,” non-fiction, published in Inkwell Magazine 2012 "Pity the Children of legends", fantasy, Swords & Sorcery webzine, August 2014 “Everything Known,” fantasy, published in parABnormal Digest #2 “Forever Fallen,” fantasy, published in Worlds Apart #1. “Soul of Invinco.” Science fiction, in Hadrosaur Tales #14. “Creator,” fantasy, in Dreams & Visions #31.

Miscellaneous: Poetry: “Holy Night,” in “The Storyteller” magazine, April 2010. Greeting cards for Gibson and Allport, plus e-cards for a number of web sites. Lyrics for all six songs in the movie “Sizzle Beach, U.S.A.” (Kevin Costner’s first film).

Attended Cynthia Whitcomb's Screenwriting Class

Contest Results: Nicholl Fellowships (Quarterfinalist) [2015]