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Dead Bolt

When a dwarf Intelligence Analyst sneaks home after a failed mission, he has to coerce the suspected Russian driver of his limo to keep him on the road as he evades the political forces trying to stop him from identifying and naming high officials involved in White House treason.


Eany, Meany, Mighty Mole

When an adventurous spy novelist of a certain age is seduced into a game of espionage she resists falling in love with the older man – thought KIA for thirty years – whose hunky youth she keeps alive as the secret agent in her stories – the lost love of her life.


Inadmissible Guilt

A family oriented young lawyer having suffered the death of his twin brother fails to get his older brother acquitted of the charge, only have to defend another man, charged with killing his own wife, who has a shocking alibi - the explains the killing the lawyer’s twin - and turns him in a an engine of vengeance.