ScreenCraft $30,000 Film Fund

ScreenCraft Film Fund


Whether you have a simple screenplay or a film that’s already in production, we want to consider it for our grant program. We consider a range of projects, from standalone screenplays, to fully packaged projects seeking finishing funds.

If your aspirations are solely to become a produced screenwriter, you can rely on ScreenCraft and BondIt to package the winning script with a talented director and in-house production resources with up to $30,000 in cash financing, judged on a case-by-case basis, depending on each project’s budget and needs as determined by our internal jury of industry professionals.

In partnership with BondIt Media Capital, a film & media fund based in Beverly Hills, ScreenCraft is offering two production grants per year to talented filmmakers for narrative features, short films and TV pilot series scripts and documentaries that display originality, vision & exceptional potential. Show More

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Expired. Previous Deadline: 12/31/2023


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ScreenCraft Film Fund

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ScreenCraft $30,000 Film Fund

Contest News

ScreenCraft Names Spring Film Fund Quarterfinalists

ScreenCraft has announced their 2018 Spring Film Fund quarterfinalists, chosen from nearly two thousand applications:

“That’s Not Fair!” – The Game, by Daniel Ramirez
2 Billion Beats, by Cameron Lennon
36 Weeks, by A.R. Hall
9 Inch Blade, by Colm Field
9 Lives, by Gabrielle Miller
A Better Place, by Nikhil Prakash
A Girl from Mogadishu, by Mary McGuckian
A Journey of Winter and Summer, by Amie Williams
A Lesson on Dying, by Brandon Tarver
A Life, by Zachary Beck
A Little Fellow, by Anna Laclergue
A Penny, by Mehmet Sarigul
A Second Chance, by Manny Jimenez Sr.
A Woman’s Work, by Yu Gu
Abdo and Saneya, by Omar Bakry
About Face, by Cameron Flagel
Against the Sky, by Colton Williamson & Jake Grefenstette
Air, by J.R. Wicker & Joey Sisson
All Their Names, by Daria Gracevich
Amal, by Dilek Ince
Amendment, by Belinda Gosbee
American Drag Queen, by John Higgins
American Zero, by Dillon Tucker
And then we will be happy, by Diego dos Anjos & Daniel Fraiha
Angels, by Camille Griffin
Angels Four, by Manlio Roseano
Anomaly, by Chris Butler
Another Day in Baghdad, by Maysoon Pachachi & Irada Al Jabbouri
Arctic Sound, by Matthew Ferraro
Art, Love & Money, by Patrick Levy
Awake, by Andrew Palmer
Ay Mariposa, by Krista Schlyer
Aye, Boy, by My-Hanh Lac
Barbie Girl, by Kim Booker
Bautizo, or “The Young Wolf”, by Alex Avila
BB, by Melody Herr
Benchside Warfare, by Zander Jones
Bigger than trauma, by Mirta Puhlovski
Bingo, by Annakate Chappell
Birth of a Diaspora, by Marie Judes Richard Senecal
Birth/Rebirth, by Laura Moss
Birthright, by Daniel Mitura
Black Hands in Red Lands, by Larry Baer
Black Thing, by Whitney Ellis
Blank Shores, by Alex Kyrou
Blink, by Kyle Lavore
Blue Smoke, by Matthew Harris
Body and Son, by Christopher Hamilton
Bon Fet, by Emily Marquet
Bookmarked for Christmas, by Greg Schultz
Boundary Bay, by Justin Neal
Breathe, by Cassandra Rochelle Fetters
Broken Things, by Nicci Gilbert-Daniels & Luchia Ashe
Can You Take My Picture, by Cameron Thrower
Catching the Bus, by Rebecca Wackler & Eddie Levi Lee
Catfight, by Ariel Sinelnikoff
Cautious, by Tonia Boies-McNeill
Chair(s), by Jon Stout
Cheer Up, Charlie, by Kara Grace Miller & Anthony Holiday
Cherry Blossoms in March, by Riley Rheyan
Cherry Pie, by Dominic Finocchiaro
Chestnut, by Richard Abramov
Circle of Heat, by Sarah Mevissen
Circles, by Renée Marie Petropoulos
Citric Acid, by Elenie Chung
Clara Callan, by Rick Whelan
Como se Dice, by Gwendolyn Hulet
Complimentary Colors, by Alyssa Haddad
Crane, by Amanda Dreschler
Cuerpo, by Mark Zuniga
Cupcake, by Obiageli Odimegwu
Dancing with Natalia, by Susy Pena
Dark Chocolate, by Teri Brown-Jackson
Daruma, by Kelli McNeil
Darya, by Alies Sluiter
Dead Shelter, by Tim Hewitt
Deathless, by Thomas Curry
Deep Tissue, by Meredith Alloway
Demon’s Vale, by Zebulon Eckles
Devils from the Goats, by Christina Masciotti
Dinner For Us, by Franchesco Ramos
Discord, by Helene Taylor & Jax Smith
Dissonance, by Jonathan Everett
Douk, by Michelle Hernandez
Down in the woods, by William Besly
Drastic Measures, by Wade Alexander
Drown, by Luis Lassen
Duet, by Lisanne Sartor
Duty Free, by Sian-Pierre Regis
Dynamic, by Jim Smith
Echidnee, by Mathilde Anglade
El, by Luke Howe
El Pueblo Unido (The People United), by Jonathan Machado
Elegy, by John Flynn
End Zone, by Guy Kozak
Enpassant, by Tony Kolega & Michael Valenti
Escape on the Danube, by Daniel Costa
Execution Day, by Mike Reid
Expectations, by Sara Brink
Express, by Ezra Ani
Exquisite Wasteland, by David Vassar
Fender Bender, by Jeremy Foley & Sara O’Reilly
Finding Charlie, by Lisa Vasconcellos
Firecracker, by William Stewart & Robert L. Richard
First Words, by Meegan May
Fish & Chip, by Hank Isaac
Flames of Fury, by Gloria Yazdani
Flicker, by Brandon La Fleur
For Your Own Sake, by Trevor Campbell
Free, by Ben Hartley
Freezer, by Elisabeth Watts
Girls Like Me, by Mateo Lynch
God, The Crackhouse & The Devil, by Levy Lee Simon
Good Night, Moon, by Saaret Yoseph
Gramercy, by Jamil McGinnis & Pat Heywood
Great Idea, by Grant Gadbois & Jack Widman
Greatland, by Dana Ziyasheva
Greetings from Nowhere, by Lindsay Bruno
Guns, Bombs & Violence: A Love Story, by Emmanuel itier
Happy As Lark, by Stefanie Davis
Hells Canyon, by Jo Hannah Afton
Here Comes Your Man, by Alex Neher & Ben Kabialis
Here, then There, by Paul Sargia
Hidalgo: The Ingenious Sheriff, by Pablo Riesgo Almonacid
Hiking Buddies, by Megan Morrison
Hill in Harlem, by Keith Josef Adkins
His Name, by Patrick Biesemans
Home, by Nir Shelter
Honor Thy Father, by Will Goodfellow
How Does It Start?, by Matt Miller
How to Have an American Baby, by Leslie Tai
How to Think Your Way Out of Love, by Anna Sagatov
Hunt for Magic, by Rose McGinley-Redon
I believe in you, Salomé, by Mario Garza & Sarah Gamazo
Ice Cream, by Ora Yashar
If I Say, by Goldschmidt Ivan & Massart Olivier
Imagine – “Epitaph for Eleanor Rigby”, by Thomas O’Connor
In Arms, by Laurie Barraclough
Inez and Doug and Kira, by Julia Kots
Inhuman, by Steffan Delpiano
Insignificant, by Wendy Wilkins
Into The Dark, by Randy Kornfield
Ivy League, by Thom Browder
Javelin, by Cinqué Lee
Jersey, by Patrick Ford
Jon the Seagull, by Caleb Scott
Judge/Jury/Execute, by Aurin Squire
Kachina, by Julia Eringer
Kaylee, Age 8, by Molly Coffee
Kiki: A Cat Tale, by Jake Thomas
Kikimora, by Marcus Iles
King Ester, by Dui Jarrod
Lama-La, by Rachel Barth
Layla Superior, by Anna Salinas
Leila’s Gift, by Mithra Alavi
Lifelike, by Jay Reid
Lily, by Philip Staal
Lion Killer, by Adam Scheiner
Little Brother, by Sheridan O’Donnell
Little Chief, by Erica Tremblay
Little Lying Wild, by Samantha Aldana & Bryce Parsons-Twesten
Little Men, by Ayesha Adu
Little Red Hot, by Dawn Brown
Locked Away, by Jeremy Frazier
Lotus & Jazmine, by Afnan Linjawi
Love in Shooting, by Luisa (Luile) Eckmann
Love, Alfonsina, by Caroline Crawley
Love. Hate. Repeat, by Francesca Fowler
Lucid, by Holly Stanford-Brown
Mamba, by Paul Holbrook & Sam Dawe
Man on the Mountain, by Nathan Ellis
Maricruz, by Christine McAuliffe & Aaron Amal
Marwan the Magnificent, by David & Keith Lynch
Meadow, by Alyse Kano
Miss Violet, by Christopher Schrack
Missus Softee, by Cinder Chou
Modern Life is Rubbish, by Louisa Harris
Moon Manor, by Erin Granat & Elizabeth Brissenden
More Than Bacon, by Wanda Reinholdt
Morning Glory, by William Winston
Mother Tongue, by George Ghanem
Mr. Moon, by Mike Langer
Mutiny Bay, by Van Manson & Andrew Geimer
My Brother, by Muneeb Hassan
My G., by Miguel Ortiz
My Secret Country, by Marlo McKenzie
My Week With Maisy, by Mark Oxtoby
Myth, by Matthew Thorne
Nafsi (Swahili for Soul), by Reuben Odanga
Nayeli Valiente, by Ashley George
Nemesis, by Adrian Leon
Nest, by Allysa Sing
Night Shift, by Chris Phillips
Nobody’s Listening, by Caroline Baker
Not Black Enough, by Jermaine Manigault
Number One, by Mohammad Homouda
Ocean Child, by Michael Leung
Odium: A Requiem for Love, by Annika Pampel
Old Dog Dream, by Colt Sheldon
Olympia, by McKenzie Chinn
One Last Run, by Daniel Grasskamp
Operation Brother Sam, by Gustavo Freitas
Orientation, by Eve Symington
Our Court, by Kahlil Maskati
Our Uncle, Keith, by Lorna King
Out the Door, by Maggie Farley
Pacific Palisades, by Andrew Ryan
Pals, by James Mitchell
Paradise, by Deni Cheng
Past & Repast, by Nick Cavalier
Pedestrian (Rahadari), by Shahir Daud
Philosophy: The Motion Picture, by Matt Schutt
Please, Hold…, by Pavel Tabutov
Poison, by Teal Greyhavens & Nick von Keller
Porter, by Amy Chacon
Post Traumatic White Folks Syndrome: A Mockumentary, by Karan Kendrick
Progeny, by Anthony Weintraub
Project Gordon, by Al Hallak
Puppy Love, by Marnie Mahannah
Queen of Lapa, by Carolina Monnerat
Quest, by Kamee Abrahamian & Lee Williams Boudakian
Quicksand, by Jennifer Bianchi
R3ALITY, by Caleb Slain
Radiant Spirits, by Sarah McLeod
Raise: Salida, by Vivien Hartmann
Raspberries, by Irina Lambert
Rectitude Or Justice, by Lewis Reckline II
Redpaw, by Skyler Lawson
Redwall, by Pearl Marley
Reflections, by Ande Case
Regan, by Panos Katsimperis
Remember, by Mannika Mishra
Remember the Alamo, by Andrew van Baal
Rerun, by Jayesh Mehta
Ringmen, by Clarence Deng & Ryan Lee
Road To Pandemonium, by Sam Dabbs
Road Trip to the Biggest Pierogi in the World, by Michal Lavi
Robo Peche, by Stefani Saintonge
Rocking Horses, by Rachel Barth
Rocksteady, by Jed Goldstein
Rooster, by Kyle Rynicki
Run Red Tomahawk, by Preston Janis
Rust, by Daniel Drummond
Sacrifice Zones: The 48217, by Ben Corona
Safelight, by Olivia Sulkowicz
Saint. Sinner., by J. Franklin Evans
Samichay, by Mauricio Franco Tosso
Scarpegoat!, by Nan Schmid
Scent of Chocolate, by Thiago Dalt
Scout, by Samuel Goodwin
Searching for Justice, by Raza Rizvi
Seeing Beyond: With 20/20 Vision, by Trishunda Mooney
Serpentine, by Payten Brewer
Shazia, by Dilshad Vadsaria
Shelly, by Gillian Zinser
Showpony, by Scott Kalberer
Shutters down, by Rick Limentani
Sila, by Mischa Hedges
Single Family Home, by Tara Hall
Sink, by Paul Walker & Ilan Cohen
Sinners short screenplay, by James Hoyle
Six Letter Word, by Lisanne Sartor
Skarnen, by Tim Archibald
Solomon, by JB Amrstrong & Michael Alberstadt
Something Not There, by Marc Rosenberg
Son of No Man, by Sean Minogue
Sound of the Somme, by Alexander Menu & Thomas Besançon
Spoken, by Tricia Lee
Staring into Infinity, by Nicholas Carleton
Starship Rogue Dragon, by Qishi Li
State of Mind, by Pia Storck
Stella Incarnated, by Avi Glick
Sticks, by Van Jensen
Sting, by Frank Graziano
Stone Drive: The Movie, by Sylvia Marie Llewellyn
Storage, by Wendy Stetson
Strapped, by Sammy Anderson
Stronghold, by Julia Camara
Stuck, by Fasika Addis
Sucking Wind, by David Kennedy & Ruby Baker
Sumo Football, by Scott Jacobs
Survival Skills, by Quinn Armstrong
Tackling Homelessness: A Hard Look at Why We Fail the Homeless Community, by Robert Fisher
The Adventurers Diary, by Jean Maye
The Baron of Nulford, by Leevi Ikonen & Heikki Ikonen
The Book of Job, by Andrew Oh
The Bounty, by Alan Thornburg
The Brutalist Project, by Carlotta Berti
The Campaign of Miner Bo, by Todd Drezner
The Chocolate Kandinsky, by Suzanne Griffin
The Condor & The Eagle, by Clement Guerra
The Confessions of Billie the Kid, by Kyle D’Odorico
The Dead Ones, by Fred Armesto
The Descendants, by Nicole Collins
The Devil’s Crown, by Jessica Valentine & Richard Valentine
The Discarded, by James Boyce
The District of Skid Row, by Spencer Riley
The False Mirror, by Johnny Coffeen
The Forest Boy, by Jason Morillo
The Fruit of Your Womb, by Marina Shron
The Girl With Seven Names, by Madeleine Gavin
The Handy Man, by Nicholas Clifford
The Hard Song, by Christen Kembell
The History of White People in America, by Jonathan Halperin
The House on Carter Road, by Shawn Gerrard
The Hunter and the Mystic, by Whitney Hamilton & Lorraine Farris
The Institution, by Christopher Crane
The Kilima Chain, by Josh Folan
The Last Encore, by Julia Mentz & Daniel Mentz
The Loneliest Whale, by Brad Klipfel
The Love Bugs, by Allison Otto
The Mind Expander, by John Zecchini
The Molok, by Xander Chauncey & Sam Wilson
The Moon, by Danny Turkiewicz
The NN, by Milo Carballo
The Offshore Pirate, by Ryan M. Moore
The Pareto Effect, by Scotch Rutherford
The Perpetrator, by Jessica Franz
The Picture Show, by Madeline Stephenson
The Raft, by Holly Stanford-Brown
The Rock Of Ages, by Eron Sheehan
The Rose, by Tavyn Gentry
The Scarlet Pimpernel, by David Ruben
The Seal, by Richa Rudola
The Shop Around the Corner, by Heather Magee-McDonald
The Showboat Mangini, by Drew Macias
The Snow Panda, by Michelle Calderon
The Space Between, by Cole Fremed
The Specter, by Adam Thede
The Speed of Light, by Jorge Barboza
The Story of Merlin and Magic, by Lori Sines
The Sweet Science, by Alec McKay
The Thorns In Our Side, by Tony Gapastione
The Three Bobs, by Roxanne Marciniak
The Village That Once Was, by Tyrrell Shaffner
The Violinist, by Michael Lavers
The Waiting Dead, by Meryl O’Connor
The Warriors’ Concerto, by Jamaal Pittman
The Way We Look at Horses, by Meghan Lees
The Wind, by Janae Green & Maria Mitchell
The Woman in the Arena, by Patrick Frey & Rachel Wilke
The Wrought, by Emily Clark
Things That Fall, by Sy Huq
This Missing Night, by Mike Tolliver
This Time Away, by Magali Barbe
Three Categories or Less, by Penny Pauletich
Tiger Dreamer Prisoner, by William Chen
Together, by Ryan Still
Tomorrow Men, by Alison Reeger Cook
Touch-lines, by Thomas McMahon
Transfer, by Sage Mears
Transistor Radio, by Georgia Bloo Nicolaou
Triple Threat, by Gina Surles
Tucumcari, by Kristin Goodman
Tumbleweed, by Christopher Seehase
Turner Falls, by Dashiell Finley
Twister, by Evan Kelman
Ultra, by Victoria Negri
Undercut, by Kelly Pike
Unfinished Works, by Shanna Riker
Untitled Rodeo Film, by Darius Dawson
Venus Melite: Venus of Honey, by Scott Lyman
Violence, by Ian Stoker-Long
Volleyball!, by Alex Carroll & Cameron Martinez
Wander, by Elie Choufany
Werewhite, by Mukilan Thangamani & Roseanne Liang
Westhampton, by Christian Nilsson
what ever happened to him?, by David Mandell
What Kind of Woman, by Elizabeth Block
What Would Dolly Do?, by Kd Amond
When My Time Comes, by Diane Naughton & Joe Fab
When The Desert Was Home, by Corey Deshon
Whispering Pines, by Todd Waring
Wild Horses, Dragged Away, by Lucy Smith-Williams
Wingmen, by Nicole Emanuele
Woe, by Matthew Goodhue
Wolves Inside, by Samantha Ireland
Women of the Holocaust, by Bob Massie
Ze, by Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir
Zed, by Tavis Putnam

Updated: 08/20/2018

ScreenCraft $30,000 Film Fund

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