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Sydney Sweeney Has A Crush On Bowen Yang In Behind-The-Scenes ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch (Deadline, 03/03/2024)
Cinema Audio Society Awards: ‘The Last Of Us,’ ‘The Bear,’ ‘Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’ Among Winners – Updating Live (Deadline, 03/03/2024)
Sydney Sweeney Breaks Down Her “Five-Point Plan” to Break Into Acting in ‘SNL’ Monologue (Hollywood Reporter, 03/03/2024)
Sydney Sweeney Jokes ‘You Definitely Did Not See Me in “Madame Web”‘ in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Monologue (Variety, 03/03/2024)
‘Sex and the City’ Lands Premiere Date on Netflix (Hollywood Reporter, 03/03/2024)
As U2 Wraps Its Las Vegas Residency at the Sphere, Ailing Band Member Larry Mullen Jr. Attends Friday’s Show (Variety, 03/03/2024)
Jamie Dornan Says Eddie Redmayne’s Email Was Hacked in a Phishing Scam — and Warren Beatty Offered to Send Him Money (IndieWire, 03/02/2024)
Paul Dano Calls Superhero Fatigue a ‘Welcome Moment’ That Could Lead to Better Movies (IndieWire, 03/02/2024)
Script Apart: 'Dune' Screenwriter Eric Roth on Mastering Any Genre (ScreenCraft, 03/01/2024)
5 Insiders to Know if You Write Comedy (ScreenCraft, 02/29/2024)
2024 ScreenCraft Short Film Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists (ScreenCraft, 02/28/2024)
2024 ScreenCraft Horror Competition Winners (ScreenCraft, 02/28/2024)
Why 1974 Might Be the Greatest Year in Screenwriting (The Script Lab, 02/28/2024)
The 15 Most Important Elements of a Story (ScreenCraft, 02/26/2024)
The Most Gripping Thriller Movies: Can You Handle the Suspense? (The Script Lab, 02/26/2024)
24 Short Films Wes Anderson Wants You to See (The Script Lab, 02/21/2024)
Believe in a Thing Called Love: Films That Celebrate All Types of Love (The Script Lab, 02/19/2024)
What Is Blaxploitation? Understanding the American Film Movement (The Script Lab, 02/14/2024)
Director Sam Fox on Embracing Your Inner Weirdo (MovieMaker, 10/30/2023)
Ernest Anemone’s ‘Family Affair’ is a Short With Sitcom Overtones – Stay Tuned (MovieMaker, 06/30/2023)
AIR Writer on the True Story of Discovering Michael Jordan’s (and Sonny Vaccaro’s) Brilliance (MovieMaker, 05/12/2023)
Watch the Charlie Kaufman WGA Awards Speech: ‘I Have Wasted Years Seeking the Approval of People with Money’ (Video) (MovieMaker, 03/06/2023)
The Whale Writer Samuel D. Hunter Explains How His Life Story Inspired The Movie (MovieMaker, 12/16/2022)

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