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Hell Followed With Him

When a former Army Sergeant discovers that the crime family responsible for his best friend's death is holding the city of New York hostage, he makes it his personal mission to take them down no matter the cost.


The Glade

Rose Ferguson just wants the family back she’s never known. Unbeknownst to Rose, an evil as old as time itself, wants to make sure that reunion never takes place. When all seems lost, the one thing she sought might be her only saving grace.


The Comeback

A female college quarterback must face down the gauntlet of every critic she's ever faced, as she takes over the reigns of her team.


Six Hours to Santa Monica

A failed NASCAR driver looking for redemption uncovers a sinister plot involving his ex-girlfriend. With the help of a prototype car, he must defy the odds to get her back.


Voices of Reason

Everybody has friends. Some may be good friends and some may be horrible but Les Ismore, he has the worst kind. The kind that make you question your own sanity. They may have good intentions but the voice of reason may not be what Les wants to hear.


Hold Fast

When a gang war threatens to spill into her county, a Texas Sheriff uses unconventional methods to protect it. Script Excerpt



A night out with friends turns out to be anything but normal as a local legend is put to the test. Legends have a way of adding to their own lore and these three friends will find out that if you don't know your local history, you're doomed to repeat it.