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Spider Daddy

An eleven-year-old boy, fixated on horror comics and monsters, finds that his recurring nightmares become reality with devastating results for his abusive, alcoholic stepfather and, ultimately, for him.

Written by: Wayne Johnson    

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Format: Short Screenplay
Starring Roles For: 9 year old boy
male, late 20's-early 30's
female, late 20's-early 30's
Posted: 01/31/2018
Updated: 03/02/2019
Author Bio:
Wayne E. Johnson's first screenwriting attempt was a script for Tales From the Crypt, which Robert Zemeckis accepted and sent to Jack Rapke at CAA. Unfortunately, the show went on hiatus. About a dozen short stories and magazine articles of his were published nationally, and he currently writes a humor column for The Voice, a northeastern Illinois newspaper. His first novel—The Militarized Zone: What Did You Do in the Army, Grandpa?— was published by The Tradewinds Company and has received positive reviews from Publishers Weekly, Windy City Reviews, the Vietnam Veterans of America and others.

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Contest Results: American Gem Short (Semifinalist, 23rd place) [2013]