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When FBI analyst Larzon investigates frozen homicide cases, he studies Christina from a two-century-old painting, early photographs, and recently a video standup as a TV war correspondent in Afghanistan and questions whether she is either the love of his life or a ruthless cold-blooded killer.

Written by: Chris Candelario    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
Starring Roles For: Elle Fanning type
Liam Hemsworth type
Kaitlyn Dever type
In the Vein Of: Wonder Woman
Mad Max Fury Road
Posted: 03/13/2018
Updated: 01/06/2020
Author Bio:
With 20+ completed screenplays and TV scripts, Chris Candelario writes a variety of genres including these finished scripts:

1. Adobe Rose – drama/action 2. American Ballad – actual events drama 3. Ark*Star – sci-fi / adventure / thriller 4. Blitz – romantic comedy – a short 5. Candle – drama 6. Christina – drama / action / adventure 7. Eagle Clan – 6-part TV series – drama / action / adventure 8. Enemy Ancestor – horror 9. K-9 Warrior – war / drama / action / adventure 10.

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