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Tracking Down Joy in the Journey

The evolution between two women - one straight, the other gay - with all their visceral baggage, sorting through the carousel of life.

Written by: Courtenay Lucas    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Meghan Markle type
Emma Stone type
Evil Female
In the Vein Of: A "buddy" type drama / comedy
Thelma & Louise
Posted: 11/01/2018
Updated: 11/01/2018
Author Bio: Leading an alternate lifestyle, Courtenay writes honestly about her life experiences. Over the years people have commended on her resilience but it’s her ability to reconcile situations with humor and grace that has kept her well grounded.

You will laugh, you will sigh "Tracking Down Joy in the Journey" my even bring a tear to your eye but in the end it’s time well spent. Enjoy!