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Corporate executive leaves his mundane existence to embark on a journey to find meaning of life and true love. He gets in over his head, and sinks deeper and deeper into an espionage plot and love affair with a beautiful and dangerous woman

Written by: Robert Fertig    

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Format: TV Episode
Posted: 12/10/2018
Updated: 09/07/2019
Author Bio:
In the spirit of classic political thrillers, our story unfolds as a seven-part dramatic series. As we follow Vincent's journey, themes of identity, betrayal and redemption are explored, infusing a drama of espionage and seduction with global stakes. Fictional characters interweave with real world events and leaders, including the CIA, past and present Presidents, and the Secretary of State. In a world in dramatic transition, the story's time-frame brings us right to the present, and suggests a future that might actually come to pass.

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