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April Mae

A terminally-ill Vietnam vet, haunted by recurring nightmares of an incident from the war, takes drastic action when his self-centered, irresponsible teenage daughter decides to give her out-of-wedlock baby to her boyfriend’s family.

Written by: Wayne Johnson    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Bryan Cranston
Annette Benning
17ish, 18ish, female
In the Vein Of: Desperate Housewives
Life Channel movie
Posted: 09/08/2019
Updated: 09/08/2019
Author Bio:
I've been a stage and film actor, rock musician, ghostwriter, industrial engineer, and award-winning book designer as creative director for Sourcebooks, Inc.—in addition to a couple dozen other occupations. His writing has appeared in many places, including The Chicago Tribun, and his screenplays have won awards from Writer's Digest. His first novel, The Militarized Zone: What Did You Do in the Army, Grandpa?, is available in print and ebook form from Amazon and local libraries.

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