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Green Eyes

The top world governments will stop at nothing to destroy the reincarnated emerald green-eyed superheroes and their elixir that stops, cures and prevents all diseases known to mankind.

Written by: David Dean    

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Format: TV Pilot
Starring Roles For: Amber Heard
Robert Pattinson
Colin Farrell
In the Vein Of: The Champions
Star Wars
Posted: 11/23/2019
Updated: 11/23/2019
Author Bio:
“Anything you wish for ... can come true.” Lyric from the song Rows performed by Mew. After my spiritual death the miracle of transformation manifested itself in me. I have embarked on a journey of exploration and adventure. This June, sitting in my house of worship, the story of Green Eyes was betrothed to me by my Creator. ... a spiritual awaking was now firmly planted and took root in my physical world. By the grace of The Giver ... I started writing the TV show Green Eyes.

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