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3 Hours

Drama  Urban 
An adventure in what it truly means to forgive the unforgivable... A woman, who's a victim of life in every possible way, discovers how to truly be happy through a journey filled with bad-guys, payback, a bomb, wannabe spies, and a gun aimed point-blank at her head.

Written by: Elle de Champagne    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Cara Delevingne
Tom Holland
George Clooney
Posted: 12/18/2019
Updated: 01/29/2020
Author Bio:
Elle captures the hearts and minds of many with her unique, entertaining, and insightful brand of storytelling filled with emotional truth, which stems from her myriad of life experiences.

She specializes in high-concept female-centric stories, and she's able to intricately weave an exciting and adventurous blockbuster tale with the heart and soul of an indy film.

Her stories captivate you from the first scene and take you on the ride of your life culminating with a visceral and cathartic moment that will change your life forever.

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