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Ground Zero

For these twin tower survivors, the memory of that fateful day will never wash away.

Written by: N.J. Reese    

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Format: Short Screenplay
Budget: Micro
Starring Roles For: Rachel McAdams
Forest Whitaker
a young Colin Farrell type
In the Vein Of: Inspired by true events
A Perfect Storm
based on, inspired by true events
Posted: 08/28/2007
Updated: 03/03/2018
Author Bio:
Recently competed in the Debra Hill 52 Hour Weekend Short Contest for the PGA. Had to write/film/edit a 5 minute short in 52 hours using their parameters. (Halloween setting, Theme: Escape, Props: knitting needle, cassette tape and a chess set knight. And this is the submission that I directed/co-wrote/co-produced: http://vimeo.com/29761230

My horror feature, Blood Drive, made the finals of StoryPro. Ground Zero, one of my short screenplays, won 3rd place from the Gimme Credit Screenplay Competition.

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Contest Results: Gimme Credit (Third Place, Political drama) [2007]