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Ben and Evelyn

"Cinderella Man" meets "Raging Bull" This 1933 depression era tale tells about the difficult rise to the top of a young Jewish kid from the East Side and his even more tumultuous relationship with a beautiful chorus girl.

Written by: Joan J.C.    

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Format: Screenplay
Posted: 10/15/2008
Updated: 07/09/2018
Author Bio:
I am a non-union produced screenwriter with four sold shorts for festivals and three optioned and one produced award winning feature screenplays. One of the features is funded and the producers are attaching talent i.e. director, actors for a theatrical release.

My third write for hire is a produced feature, titled "The Message."

The first of four teaser trailers is up at you tube

The film just won the Grand Prize for the best film award at CFIFF, making me an award winning screenwriter.

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