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Colorado Lobsters

Brilliant and troubled MIT grad seeks revenge on the Nuclear Power Plant manager who murdered his dad when he takes over dad's old job. What could go wrong?

Written by: JZ Murdock    

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Format: Short Screenplay
Starring Roles For: James Franco
Kristin Stewart
Harvey Kietel
In the Vein Of: Silkwood
China Syndrome
Dazed and Confused
Posted: 04/18/2011
Updated: 01/04/2020
Author Bio:
My first script was written in a special, eight person hand picked screenwriting class at my University, selected from the top students in playwriting classes.

I worked with Scorpio Pictures for two years in the late 90s as part of a "stable of writers". Due to personal issues, at the time I had to concentrate more on my day job. I adapted the paranormal romance novel, "Dark of kNight" for Author TL Mitchell at her request. This did well at WILDSound and is currently being shown around.

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