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The Monitor Vs the Merrimack: The Second Civil War

When a second civil war arises in a future America, two warrior robots struggle with developing consciousness as they prepare to engage each other in a televised battle that determines the fate of the country.

Written by: Matthew Tolbert    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
In the Vein Of: District 9
I, Robot
Real Steel
Posted: 04/06/2013
Updated: 11/11/2018
Author Bio:
Writing samples available on www.mtolbert.com

Short stories published in: "Puppy Pushers," non-fiction, published in Inkwell Journal, Spring 2012 "Everything Known," fantasy, published in parABnormal Digest #2 "Forever Fallen," fantasy, in Worlds Apart #1. "Soul of Invinco." science fiction, in Hadrosaur Tales #14. "Creator," fantasy, in Dreams & Visions #31.

Comic books for Marvel, Malibu, Valiant, New Visions, and Power Station.

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Contest Results:
trackingb.com Feature (Semifinalist) [2015]
BlueCat Contest (Finalist, Title contest) [2011]
Screenplay Festival (Finalist) [2012]
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