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Locusts invade the building, the adherence schedules are off kilter, and one of the night managers is watching TV and preaching the word. Meet the staff of the Call Center where "the prisoners run the prison". But it's just a cup of coffee, for the merry go round of Managers in this wacky environment

Written by: Janet Caulfield    

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Format: Short Story
Starring Roles For: Taylor John Smith/ Ben Stiller
Sherri Shepherd
Don Cheadle
In the Vein Of: The Office
Sex in the City
Office Space
Posted: 01/17/2014
Updated: 04/01/2020
Author Bio:
i am a newbe screenwriter. Started writing about a year ago. I gave myself a crash course and wrote 4 screenplays. A Pilot for a MOW and two episodes. Recently I was asked by an Agent, how I got my edge, especially for the psyche of the male Characters in my Scripts. I honestly don't know! I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I have two brothers. One younger and one older, My Parents divoriced when I was a teenager. We then moved with my Mom to Chicago in the late Eighties.

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