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Hi-tech nanobots designed to aid wounded soldiers in combat zones malfunctions and ends up trying to repair all imperfect humans worldwide by turning them into drones.

Written by: Thomas J Herring    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
In the Vein Of: 28 Days Later
Dawn of the Dead
World War Z
Posted: 09/26/2015
Updated: 02/26/2020
Author Bio:
I'm an artist and writer and have had my artwork published in Airbrush magazine, Visual Art International and Low Rider Magazine. I do storyboard art for my screenplay short. My love of reading and writing was always there in my youth from comic books to novels. I learned about screenwriting from reading books and talking to writers. I'm a Willamette Writers Organization member for over five years and have networked with various producers, directors and other writers.

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