Killer's Holiday

Money, greed, and power have twisted a young man’s life as he is implicated in a ruthless robbery and murder plot where his life and others hang in the balance, and if he isn’t able to clear himself the books will soon be balanced and not in his favor.

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Joe is caught up in his borrowed lifestyle - where anyone else would be locked up in the city jail and hoping their public defender could save their chestnuts from an open fire. Joe works to clear his name and prove his innocence with the help of his flashlight-less security guard cousin, George.

Joe having met what could the woman of his dreams, Angela Cummings an up and coming fashion designer, who is preparing for her big fashion break is suddenly swept up into Joe’s fabled life not knowing what is real and what is not, she senses a hole left in Joe’s life by the loss of someone very dear to him.

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