Restaurant La Vérité - the American Dream

Homeless Betrand, aged 38, and 12 years illegal refugee BOY eat leftovers out of La Vérité’s garbage bin. To get better meals, they secretly drop cooking tips in the restaurant’s letterbox. These recipes make the restaurant and its discriminating owner famous. But it is BOY who finally becomes the youngest 3 star Michelin cook ever.

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'Restaurant la Vérité' is Benn Flore's second screenplay was released in september 2018. Two months later won its first award in Los Angeles Edge Competition. Up to now three other festivals official selected the script that ended in the top 6 of the Queen Palm Filmfestival, as top 4 finalist in Rome's Independent Prisma Awards Festival and won silver in Jakarta's European Screen Awards.

Benn Flore is a Dutch (screen)writer. He wrote his first book and TV-scetches 42 years ago.

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Contest Results:
Atlanta (Semifinalist) [2019]
Rome Independent (Finalist) [2018]
L.A. Live Film Fest (Finalist) [2018]
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