True story of movie star-turned-inventor Jon Hall and the infamous Howard Hughes who together secretly build a revolutionary auto engine that runs on water. A tale of a tempestuous friendship between two remarkable dreamers, risking the wrath of an automobile and oil industry that unleashes all its power to stop them. One man a legend, the other an unsung hero who aspired to go "beyond Hollywood".

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Matt Damon
Benedict Cumberbatch
Emma Roberts
In the Vein Of:

Author Bio:
ANTON DIETHER is the writer of the Hallmark TV miniseries Moby Dick, the highest-rated long-form show in basic cable history, nominated for five Emmys and two Golden Globe Awards; ABC-TV miniseries Cleopatra; and Hallmark miniseries Stranded. Anton developed Beauty and the Beast for Fox, Land of Oz for Disney, Gold Fever for Phoenix Pictures, Operation Greylord for Showtime, Lost At Sea for TNT; currently Gang of Dreams TV miniseries for Little Studio Films, The Revolt for Revolt Prods, Taj Mahal for Threshold Ent.

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Contest Results:
Table Read (Semifinalist) [2020]
Table Read (Semifinalist, Genre Competition, Historical) [2021]
Creative Screenwriting (Semifinalist) [2020]
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