It happened one night

In the name of god <>. A group of ten people who are thieves and murderers decide to steal from an aristocratic house. Their leaders Abbas Ali, tells them the plan of the theft. A boy named Siavash, who lives with them, opposes this decision. Abbas Ali also gets angry with him and punishes him. But after that, he tells siavash that he should just come and guard the door and not steal. Siavash will inevitably accept. on the night of the robbery, the owner’s daughter arrives and sees them. Abbas Ali also kidnaps the girl and imprisons her under the house. But Siavash promises to save her from here. The next night, siavash calls the police, but the locals notice and run away, when they find out that siavash called the police, they get angry with him and fight with him siavash also decided to leave, but says that the girl must him. Abbas Ali also agrees, but when the girl wants to run away, he pushed her. Her head hit to a closet and she dies. Siavash is also threatened when he leaves, and siavash promises not to tell anyone what happened here, But they do not believe him and kill siavash that night and bury his body in the back yard of a abandoned house. After that, Siavash’s soul goes to those ten people and kills each of them in certain ways. Fatehi’s family is a family of four, with Nona and sohana being the daughters of the family, and Majid and afsaneh are their Parents. Fatehi’s family has just moved in and moved into the same house where siavash was buried in the back yard sohana is the youngest daughter of the family. She is 17 years old and her best friend is pooneh. Siavash soul comes to sohana, but does not tell her that he is a soul. They become friend. Siavash indirectly talks to sohana about what happened to him and how he died. Nona is the police chief of the police station, and sohrab Kamkar is Nona’s right hand man and close friend. They find bodies of ten people everyday and work on their murder case. Eventually, sohana finds out about siavash’s words and goes to back yard of the house. She finds siavash’s body, which has been turend into a bone, and is buried with customs.

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Sana aghili_femal_from iran_age 17