Wicked Sisters

The loving relationship of a quirky couple is tested when they are kidnapped by a man claiming an antique doll he purchased from from the couple has spoken to him and demanded they help him reunite the doll with its friends

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Elijah Wood

In the Vein Of:
I Don't Feel at Home in the World
A Guy Who Kills People
Are We Not Cats
Author Bio:
Dale Luckwitz is a writer of horror screenplays and youth fiction fascinated by the intersection of humor, fear and social consciousness. With a history of sampling unusual jobs, Dale has been employed to disassemble medical equipment, proofread pornographic catalogs, summarize trade articles on biotechnology and women's fashion, ghost write white papers on eco-business practices, and water outdoor plants. Once a managing editor a small newspaper and a senior editor for a global news organization, Dale has also operated his own an antiques business and taught English and communications at high school and college levels.

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