The secret of the islands

An eccentric young man who came from a world other than ours does not exist on the official record, but he does.   He knows what others know and what others don't. Everything he or she has is above the norm. Back went nowhere like an alien in his confusion and controversy with him, I didn't expect anyone to be no one made late and ridicule from everyone except except the navigator who saved him several years ago when it was critical to come back after I lost and hope to find him. And when he told what happened and talked about disasters that would happen, he was put in a mental hospital all the time, and for years, he became an experimental rat to find out about his injuries, and I changed him and the things he was doing, and they were against the laws of mankind, but they failed to reach him or prove anything, This young man collides with a powerful man in his possession who will later be allied with that monster, the absolute beast and the creatures. He meets a girl of another race sent to kill him and break the chain of time according to the ritual predicted by him in the college, but the chain starts again and starts the events charged to him on the basis that he is alien involved in the killing of members of a gang of humans in the negation and amazes everyone but what the girl was the opposite. she let everyone down. They donate what you do and what you created for him, attack the base of the research center and bring him out under pressure and some losses and inflict soldiers in the harshest place in the world and connect them live amid stunned and explain to them the seriousness and the truth of the situation but they ignore him in vinegar in conflict with that And what complicates matters is their collision with an influence who wanders over their property and despite his warning to them sent him to the base of their final Research Center and secret in the absence of the girl but discover their place with unprecedented technology. They reveal their mistake when they get involved in the first of their problems helps them everything seems strange to them events and mysterious enemy and its possibilities and the problem is matched when they contact that strange enemy on their world and do it ignoring the young man .And then they find out that he's the weakest they'll ever face, and the disappearance of the object and the appearance of frightening consequences that terrified some residents of remote cities.

Written by:
TV Movie
Author Bio:
Badr Eldin Ahmed Sudanese nationality graduate of the Faculty of Commerce born in Khartoum Sudan