The Dome

When an unexpected glitch on the news which confuses David Samonte, made a big impact to his curiosity that something was not right. None of his neighbor nor friends even his lover, Sofia Villante, did notice it. Until a big comet-like rushing towards their nearby location was about to hit. Then, an unexpected wavelength surrounding a mile that forms like a dome, covering their location, took place. This created a commotion as an electric current was scattering and blasting like a thunder to everyone. Everyone got panic, some got hurt, injured and out of consciousness while others much worst died during this event. After a few minutes, a big explosion was heard all over the place and none has the idea what’s going on.

Written by:
TV Pilot
Author Bio:
Direk Bee is a former actor and script writer in CCTN-47 (one of the local channel in Cebu, Philippines) from 2011-2014. His works includes Bino (Wine), Boardmates, Unos (Wave), Tunob sa Kagahapon (Footprints from the Past), Immoral, Pasaylo (Forgiveness), Kahigayunan (Chance), Marco, Mascarade, Ako,ikaw og ang Gugma (You and Me and our Love), I Love You Ma'am, and Posas (Chain) where he played as the lead. He's also a wattpad novel writer who won Watty's 2016 with his masterpiece entitled "Connected".

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