The March of the 18th

In 1864 the Veteran Reserve Corps was formed to allow disabled Union army men to continue to perform their duty for God and Country. This is the story of six invalid soldiers of the 18th Regiment and their 25 mile march into history, as they battled the elements, their own disabilities & self-doubt, and a band of vicious, scavenging marauders.

Script Excerpt
Starring Roles For:
Matthew McConaughy
Russell Crowe
Idris Elba
In the Vein Of:

Author Bio:
Art D'Alessandro Screenwriter/Producer/Director Art D'Alessandro was graduated with honors from Rollins College Crummer School in Winter Park, Florida where he was the recipient of both top prose and poetry writing awards. He co-founded and ran The Maile School, one of the southeast’s most highly regarded talent training facilities for over 20 years before its sale in 2004. The school's alumni include Mandy Moore, Spencer Locke, Norm Lewis, Arielle Kebbel and two Miss Americas.

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