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Strange things are happening to Howell. His mother disappears after a car crash in the mountains and his Uncle Tal insists that only he, Howell, can find and save her. From whom? From what? And why him? Questions that will lead to a fantastical and dangerous quest with some new and unusual friends.

Written by:
TV Pilot
Author Bio:
I was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales. I emigrated to the United States, receiving my MA and PhD from UCSB. I taught English studies and creative writing at CSU, Chico. I am a multiple national and international award-winning screenplay writer. I also have won awards for my stage plays and novels.

“The Boy Who Earned His Magic” is a fantasy adventure-quest, utilizing the relatively unexplored world of the differing characters, peoples, languages, myths and dramatic landscapes that make up my adopted country, the United States.

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Contest Results:
IndieFest (First Place) [2024]
Filmmatic TV Pilot (Semifinalist) [2023]
Table Read (Quarterfinalist) [2023]
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