The Simpsons: Homie Makes The World Go 'Round

Homer receives a windfall (out of pure dumb luck) and promptly sets up shop as a financial guru.

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Peter was born in Ireland and came to America based on a misunderstanding. He thought "No Irish Need Apply" meant the Irish were all shoo-ins for jobs over here. His rude awakening inspired him to learn a trade, so he turned his hand to comedy writing.

Today Peter is a busy comedy writer and regularly provides comedy presentations at organizational culture conferences, including recent events in Florida, New Jersey, and Washington State.

On the publications front, he's acted as Humor Columnist and a Contributing Editor for Employee Benefit News for over three years, contributed to the inaugural issue of Kiplinger's Success With Your Money, and his comedy writing has been featured in The Washington Post and Wealth Manager.

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Contest Results:
Spec Scriptacular (First Place, Best Sitcom Spec) [2005]
Writers Place (Third Place, Best Sitcom Spec) [2005]
WriteSafe (Finalist, Best Sitcom Spec) [2005]
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