Sandy Mills

When a Hollywood starlet returns to North Carolina to attend college, she finds that keeping her identity secret is hard, but falling in love is easy. Finalist in family, semifinalist in comedy, 2008 Screenplay Festival, Finalist in 2009 SkyFest I.

Author Bio:
Born in Charleston South Carolina, I received my undergraduate degree in history from Univ. of South Carolina, magna cum laude. I graduated from two of the nation's best med schools -- a J.D. from Duke and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Johns Hopkins. This was my poetry phase with 100 poems in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies.

In my next act, I taught at the University of Texas. Then I practiced law (high tech and aerospace), and later I worked as an activist, entrepreneur and attorney in the space arena.

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Contest Results:
Screenplay Festival (Finalist, finalist for family)
SkyFest (Finalist)