The Golden Fan

Chinese, American Julie Lee buys a Ch'ing Dynasty story fan in Hong Kong and returns to her home in Los Angeles. When she arrives home she is kidnapped, threatened, robbed and finally, in the end, she is persuaded to help a family of art thieves discover the resting place of a three hundred year old family treasure whose map is painted on the face of Julie's fan. This is a romantic comedy about art, art thieves, forgeries and fakes and takes place between Hong Kong and Los Anageles.

Written by:
Author Bio:
Mark Mc Quown is an Award Winning/Produced playwright, an Award Winning/Optioned/Produced screenwriter with many finished scripts listed in See the IMDB for PJ (2008) starring John Heard, Vincent Pastore, Robert Picardo, Patricia Rea and Hallie Kate Eisenberg

Mr. Mc Quown has been honored with winning at the 1997 Santa Clarita International Film Festival, Animation Division with The Rocking Horse Christmas, the 2000 Telluride Independent Film Festival with The Tahoe Signal, the 2002 Telluride Independent Film Festival with Dot Gone and the 2002-2003 Key West Independent Film Festival with Pier 21.

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