Poor Lord Ritchie's Answer

Notorious JZ Murdock character and Medieval Lord Ritchie in this original tale of descent into madness in the surreal world that is either hallucinated or actually is a wizard's revenge. The late great actor Rutger Hauer chose this story in a contest he once held. A prequel story also now available about when Ritche was a pirate in a haunted cave.

Written by:
Short Screenplay
Author Bio:
Filmmaker, screenwriter, author, writer. My true crime biopic is "The Teenage Bodyguard". My play, "Denude, a one act" is being produced on stage in NYC in January 2021. I also have several books published in the horror/sci fi genres. My films have won several film festival awards: "The Rapping" (2019), "Gumdrop", a short horror (2020) and "Eagles & Crows" (2020).

Worked in 2011 with Producer Chris Soth on a Frank Capra allegory type story called, America.

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