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The Teenage Bodyguard - TrueCrime/Biopic

True crime drama of the remarkable teen who shields a vulnerable waitress in 1974 at Tacoma's first topless restaurant, witness to a brutal mob murder, and faces down the powerful forces determined to silence her. TAG - Sex, drugs & rock-n-roll meet sex, guns & mayhem. In 1974 Tacoma, Washington, the city’s first topless club, the Tiki, serves as the headquarters for the notorious Carbone crime family, known as The Enterprise. Sara, a cocktail waitress at the Tiki, witnesses the murder of her friend and bouncer, Danny McCormick, by the Carbone family’s ruthless hitman, Richard “Waco” Caliguri. Realizing she is now a target, Sara seeks protection from an unexpected source: Gordie H., a brave yet inexperienced teenage boy ten years her junior. Gordie, armed and determined, agrees to protect Sara for a week until she can escape town. The duo hides out at a local sex and drug commune, venturing out only when absolutely necessary, which leads to several intense encounters and narrow escapes. During this perilous week, Sara and Gordie face relentless pursuit by Caliguri and the corrupt Pierce County Sheriff’s office, who are in the mafia's pocket. As they evade their pursuers, Gordie's backstory is revealed through flashbacks, showcasing his harrowing experiences and the skills he gained through the Civil Air Patrol and other daring exploits. In a desperate bid to throw off their hunters, Gordie switches cars with his friend Rick, who is on leave from the Army and staying at Gordie's apartment. Finally, Gordie manages to get Sara safely on a plane, but her escape takes a tragic turn when she is captured by the New York mafia upon arrival in Manhattan. As the federal authorities close in, the Carbone family's reign of terror ends, with many members imprisoned or dead. Caliguri, however, survives and walks out of prison years later as an old man. Gordie, scarred but wiser, moves on to his next bodyguard job, carrying the weight of a week that forever changed his life. The Teenage Bodyguard is a thrilling true crime tale of survival, courage, and the dark underbelly of 1970s organized crime. Producer Robert Mitas attached. 13 International Film Festival awards For more:

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Filmmaker, screenwriter, author/writer. My true crime biopic is "The Teenage Bodyguard" has won 8 awards. My screenplay "Gray and Lover The Hearth Tales Incident" was a Semi-Finalist in Circus Road Films contest. Andromeda Film Festival 2023 Best Screenplay (& official Selection).. OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: All Genre Screenplay Contest 2023; Andromeda Film Festival 2023 I am also a published author in the horror/sci fi and non-fiction genres.

I have worked with Producer Chris Soth on a Frank Capra type allegory screenplay titled, "America, A Romance", and with producer Robert Mitas (who produced films with Michael Douglas) on "The Teenage Bodyguard".

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