Hot Rod Monsters

In 1950’s Southern California, a juvenile delinquent battles his fear of the opposite sex and fellow teenagers - who happened to have been turned into monsters - to rescue the hottest girl in school from a mad doctor. Hot rods, teen sexual angst and science gone wild.

In a 1950’s Los Angeles hospital, DR. EMANUEL HITCHCOCK horrifies the ER staff when he stitches the heads of two mortally-injured women onto the body of a man.

Several years later, teenager BUDDY COSTELLO guns his Chevy down the freeway outside San Santos, getting into an impromptu race with EDDIE PETERS and his gang SAL, MOOCH and STEVE. Buddy is caught by local cop CHIEF RUSSELL, and handed over to his mother MRS. COSTELLO, forever tipsy and always reminding him to stay away from girls.

At school, sisters BETTY and HELEN JOHNSON are approached by Eddie. Betty tells him she’s dumping him because she’s found a new guy, and pressured, she points to Buddy. There’s almost a knife fight.

That night Mrs. Costello threatens Buddy with military school. Defiant, he sneaks out and meets up with Betty. They drive to Dragstrip Beach, an abandoned make-out spot below a spooky old mansion on a cliff, but when Betty puts the moves on him, Buddy backs off and admits he’s “conflicted” about girls because of his mother. On the way home they’re spotted, and soon Eddie threatens another fight. Betty pushes Buddy into drag racing for her instead.

They race the next night on Dragstrip Beach. Both cars crash into timbers buried in the sand. The wreck is horrific. Above in the mansion, it’s revealed that Dr. Hitchcock has engineered the accident to obtain specimens for his experiments. He and his hunchback assistant MORTY bring a dying Betty and the bodies to his lab. Buddy wakes up in the sand and staggers off, disoriented. The police don’t believe his story.

As Hitchcock stitches Eddie into a teenage Frankenstein monster, Betty is transfused with vampire bat blood, the ghost of Sal rises from his decapitated body, and survivor Steve is attacked by a wolf. Eddie is enraged at his appearance, but Hitchcock promises him a new face. With a smile, Eddie says he’ll take Buddy’s.

Helen accosts Buddy the next day, demanding to know where Betty is. She believes Buddy’s story and that night they sneak into the mansion in search of the missing teens. Helen is attacked by Betty, who has become a vampire, and ends up staking her with a chair leg. They try to slip out of the mansion, but Buddy is captured. Morty and Eddie give chase tor Helen, who flees to the local soda fountain to try and get help. Sal bursts in, transformed into a werewolf. He captures Helen and escapes with her to the local drive-in, where he climbs the screen and battles Eddie, eventually falling to his death.

Helen once again escapes and heads back to the mansion to save Buddy. Chief Russell and Mrs. Costello show up, looking for Buddy. Helen finds Buddy strapped down in the lab and frees him, and they battle Eddie, who it turns out now has four arms and possibly other extra parts and they defeat him. Hitchcock grabs Helen as the mansion burns down. Buddy chases down to the beach where Hitchcock reveals he’s turned himself into a Gill Man and plans to spawn with Helen. Mrs. Costello offers to go with Hitchcock so Helen can be with Buddy. Hitchcock shrugs and drags her into the sea.

A year later, there’s a bitchin’ surf party, and no one notices tiny green hands reaching out from the water.

Script Excerpt
Author Bio:
Michael has a screen credit as Henry's Man in Sam Raimi's ARMY OF DARKNESS.  He was Script Department Manager at Hollywood Book and Poster Company for several years.  He was the Lead Movie Research Coder at OTX (aka IPSOS OTX aka WorldWide Motion Picture Group) for ten years.  He optioned a screenplay to Jeff Balis of "Waiting" and is currently writing his own genre brand of sarcastic comedies.

Contest Results:
Diverse Voices (Semifinalist) [2017]