Nobody's Angels

Two bail bonds women, a dwarf and a hare-lipped Rottweiler chase a bail jumping rapist from California to Florida.

Business is bad at bail bond service Stewart & Associates. They can’t pay their bills and co-owner HARRY STEWART is completely burnt out. Not only are they in debt up to their neck, but he’s constantly making mistakes on bonds that keep costing them even more.

None of this is lost on his wife and partner DONNA who decides it’s time to get Harry out of the office, while she sets things straight. She talks him into going to Las Vegas to chase down a $250.000 bond, telling him that she and the other bail bonds woman, TRACY MILLER, will simply “mind the store.”

The minute Harry leaves the office, Donna does more than just mind the store. She takes charge. She immediately hits the file room searching for Harry’s biggest mistake. It turns out to be sadistic rapist, JACK ROWAN, who not only skipped his 2 million dollar bail but put up fake collateral, leaving Stewart & Associates with a debt that threatens to wipe them out. Donna is not about to let that happen. So she enlists a reluctant Tracy, the other bail bonds woman in the office, to join her on the hunt for Jack.

That hunt becomes a madcap adventure beginning in a massage parlor in Los Angeles that winds it’s way to through a gang infested restaurant in Venice and finally to Florida where things really heat up as they impersonate a socialite, a hooker and biker chicks in their quest for the rapist who keeps alluding them.

When they finally catch up to him, it ends up in a wild three car chase, with Tracy shooting out store windows in the dwarf’s customized car, (because she never used a gun before) with the dwarf driving like a Kama Kasi pilot, while the Rottweiler in Donna’s car hangs out the window howling, as she breaks every traffic law.

They finally get their man and the next day back at the office, Tracy and Donna close the file on Jack Rowan with a slam of the file drawer, and a high five that tells us this is only the beginning of a dynamic team.

Written by:
In the Vein Of:
Thelma ands Louise

Author Bio:
Linda Freeny has a total of 18 scripts, all genres except sci/fi. She has self published 4 novels and adapted three if them into scripts. She has had several options and a finalist or winner in major contests.