When Love is Almost out of Reach! Lahar Lahar

Sequel to When Love is Almost Out of Reach! Pinatubo. Lahar is the volcanic ash called in the Philippines. The Journey of the Navy Pilot's wife after she was left after three days of their marriage due to the eruption of the volcano, Mt. Pinatubo. It entails the hard life she had to endure during and after the eruption of the volcano until she was found by her husband.

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Marlinda Cregan 229-460-9106

To whom it may concern,

I am very interested for someone to read my script, titled: When Love is Almost Out of Reach! Lahar Lahar (Lahar, Volcanic Ash)

This script was inspired by my upbringing in the Philippines, having very exposed to the life with a father who was one of the founders and instructors at the then Jungle Environmental Survival Training in Cubi Point, Naval Station Subic Bay Philippines.

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