Good-Bye Grandma Mabel

Felicia wants the perfect outfit for her grandmother's funeral but ends up with a dud.

Al Calender dreams he's in heaven and watches his boss, Felicia, choose a hideous dress to wear. When he goes to work that day, he recounts his dream to the intern, Brent, who expresses terror at a dream about death. They wait for Felicia to take them to lunch, but she never shows up.

When she arrives, she tells them she was stuck in a funeral procession and decided to go to the luncheon. Art and Olaf, the volunteers, come in after her. They too were at the lunch.

A few days later, Felicia's grandmother, Mabel, dies from a tragic treadmill accident. Planning for the funeral, Felicia decides she needs to buy a new outfit.

Al offers the services of his wife, Sandy, to take Felicia shopping. Felicia, however, says Sandy has no fashion sense. Al reluctantly tells this to Sandy. That night he dreams about Sandy casting a curse on Felicia that she'll wear the ugliest dress at her grandmother's funeral.

On the day of the funeral, Ralph Junior barfs all over Felicia's designer outfit. She is then held prisoner in the bathroom until her husband can run home and get a new outfit for her. Meanwhile, she tries to get the offensive smelling dress off her, but it's too tight, and her arms are frozen above her.

Frankie, Felicia's husband, gets arrested for trying to break into their car. so he's unable to help her.

Sandy tries yanking the dress off from the bathroom stall next to Felicia. After pulling and yanking, it finally rips off, taking a chunk of Felicia's hair.

Finally, Felicia's cousin Mabel, enters and offers to loan her a dress. It's the dress in Al's dream.

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Writer who has done stand-up comedy. Published two novels and one devotional book. Freelance journalist. Written and produced children's plays.