Beer, Brats, and Babes

Help Alert volunteer creates a flyer he thinks will attract more men to a church retreat, but instead incites rage from a local women's group as well as a pending lawsuit against the parish.

Sandy Calender is frustrated there are no men signed up for her parish retreat. Help Alert volunteer, Art, creates a flyer he thinks will bring in more men. Titled, Beer, Brats, and Babes, he and Olaf go around town hanging up the signs without Sandy's knowledge. A local, seedy tavern owner, Lenny, donates beer and brats for the event, much to Sandy's delight. She is still in the dark, when Felicia demands the sexist signs are taken down. Art and Olaf are kicked out of Lenny's, so Felicia and Frankie go there. Brent also shows up and bumps into Frankie, spilling all the posters onto the floor. Al must rescue them from a warehouse, and Sandy follows him. After Sandy tells the security guard woman that she was Lenny's nurse, the security guard releases everyone. The next day Sandy finally finds out. Instead of cancelling, she devises a plan. At the retreat a women's group protests outside the church grounds, while wild men drink beer and eat brats. Once the retreat begins, Sandy introduces the "babes" - nuns from Wyoming. Mother Superior, a burly woman quickly calms down the men's hormones. The retreat is a success. Sandy is happy.

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This is another episode for the show Al Calender.