Al hosts a tool party in his garage in protest of his wife's parties, and the men end up at a Help Alert client's house to get rid of a woodchuck.

Sandy Calender forbids her husband from coming downstairs during her candle party. Frustrated about these parties, Al's co-workers have an idea to get back at Sandy and help Olaf's son's sagging sales in his hardware store. As this is happening, Al is dealing with new Help Alert client, Rosemary Evans, who keeps calling him to do work around her house for nothing. While the men are having the tool party in Al's garage, Rosemary calls and needs an animal removed from her house. The testosterone - beer infused men all rush out of the party to save the day. Al ends up getting bit by the woodchuck and rabies shots, but no free tools. Felicia tells him, however, that she saw a handyman van in front of Rosemary's house. He is feeling good until Sandy enters the office to remind Felicia of her pottery party.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Episode
Starring Roles For:
John Ratzenberger
Catherine Hicks
Leigh-Allyn Baker
In the Vein Of:
The Middle

Author Bio:
Masters in Communication, BS in Psychology. Associate producer of the movie Turnover. Author of middle grade book - Isasnora Snores. Journalist and playwright. Also did stand-up comedy - a very short stint in stand-up!